Drawings / Paintings

From Pencil Drawings to Digital Paintings

My artistic exploration spans various styles and techniques, each providing a unique avenue to capture and convey my ideas. I invite you to explore my diverse portfolio, ranging from traditional pencil drawings and quick sketches to minimalist and naive paintings, as well as my venture into digital art.



Pencil Drawings: Foundations of Expression

Pencil drawings serve as the cornerstone of my artistic practice, offering a meditative process to explore and refine compositions, shapes, and ideas. They allow me to orchestrate everyday observations into visual narratives, emphasizing simplicity and spatial harmony. The deliberate use of negative space in my drawings enhances the contemplative essence of each piece.





Fast Sketches: Capturing Essence and Energy

In contrast to the meticulous nature of pencil drawings, fast sketches aim to capture the essence of a moment with speed and spontaneity. Using ink and fluid strokes, I convey movement and vitality, translating fleeting impressions into dynamic visual expressions.






Minimal Paintings: Embracing Simplicity and Harmony

Minimalist painting embodies simplicity and elegance through clean lines, subdued colors, and essential forms. This approach challenges me to distill concepts to their core, fostering a serene atmosphere and encouraging contemplation in the viewer.






Water Color PaintingsNaive Paintings: Embracing Spontaneity

Naive art resonates with me for its unpretentious, spontaneous approach. It celebrates intuitive narratives and vibrant colors, capturing the immediacy and authenticity of creative expression, free from conventional constraints.






Egypt SeriesDigital Paintings: Bridging Tradition with Technology

Digital painting merges traditional techniques with modern technology, allowing me to enhance sketches with color and experiment with diverse palettes. The layered approach facilitates exploration and iteration, enabling greater flexibility in creative decision-making and ensuring efficient resource use. Each medium I explore, from the tactile engagement of pencil on paper to the innovative possibilities of digital tools, contributes to my ongoing artistic evolution. My work aims to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and invite viewers into a dialogue that transcends visual aesthetics, resonating with the complexities of contemporary life.


Thank you for accompanying me on this artistic journey. I invite you to delve deeper into my portfolio and connect with me to explore more or discuss any inquiries you may have.