MAG Social Rooms

MAG Social Rooms: A Multimedia Social Sculpture

The “MAG Social Rooms” are a multimedia social sculpture and an evolution of my “Minimal Art Gallery” (MAG) series. These Social Rooms represent continuous processes of change, research, and implementation, integrating the diversity of various media while reflecting societal issues. Originally inspired by dollhouses showcasing contemporary artworks in miniature, they provide a space for artistic exploration of urban and rural transformation processes. The Social Rooms facilitate discussions on socioeconomic questions and societal developments.
For the room design, I use recycled cardboard, creating low-threshold, flexible spaces in various dimensions, contributing to sustainability. One notable example of the work within the MAG Social Rooms is the installation “I’m happy to join with you today,” which projects Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and reflects on societal developments. This installation was presented in January 2024 at the Après Studio in Dresden.
The Social Rooms are an extension of the MAG/Minimal Art Gallery series, presented as a social sculpture or installation. These interactive spaces explore the dynamics between people as they interact in digital or physical environments. Utilizing interactive media, sound installations, and visual elements, they create an environment that responds to the presence and actions of participants.


This work questions the role of the individual in a connected world and invites reflection on community and communication. By involving participants in the creative process, it fosters a sense of togetherness and encourages active engagement with the presented themes. The Social Rooms demonstrate the potential of contemporary art to offer new perspectives on coexistence in a digitalized society.
The concept behind the Social Rooms emphasizes the importance of interactive and participatory art. By engaging with the installations, visitors become part of the artwork, influencing and being influenced by the environment. This interaction highlights the interconnectedness of individuals within a community and the impact of collective experiences on societal norms and values.
In the Social Rooms, the blend of recycled materials and cutting-edge technology symbolizes the merging of past and future, tradition and innovation. The use of recycled cardboard not only emphasizes sustainability but also challenges the notion of permanence in art. These spaces are designed to be temporary and adaptable, reflecting the ever-changing nature of society.
The installation “I’m happy to join with you today” serves as a powerful example of how the Social Rooms address significant historical and contemporary issues. By projecting Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic speech, the installation connects past civil rights struggles with ongoing societal challenges. It invites viewers to reflect on progress made and the work that still needs to be done in achieving equality and justice.

Moreover, the Social Rooms create a platform for dialogue and exchange. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences, contributing to a collective understanding of the themes explored within the installations. This collaborative approach reinforces the idea that art is not just a solitary endeavor but a communal experience that thrives on shared engagement.
The Social Rooms also explore the role of technology in modern society. Through interactive media and sound installations, they examine how digital advancements shape our interactions and perceptions. These elements provoke questions about the balance between virtual and physical experiences and the implications of living in a hyper-connected world.
In essence, the MAG Social Rooms are a testament to the evolving nature of contemporary art. They push the boundaries of traditional gallery spaces, transforming them into dynamic environments where art, technology, and society intersect. By fostering active participation and reflection, they offer a unique lens through which to view and understand the complexities of modern life.
In conclusion, the MAG Social Rooms are not just an extension of the Minimal Art Gallery series but a bold reimagining of what art can be. They challenge conventional notions of art presentation and engagement, offering a multifaceted experience that is as thought-provoking as it is immersive. Through these social sculptures, we are invited to reconsider our roles as individuals within a community and to explore the endless possibilities that arise when art, society, and technology converge.